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Our Costs

Okay, it’s always awkward talking about costs so let’s just get straight to the point.

As you might have read here, we aren’t like those other agencies who are in it solely for the money. We’re here to make a difference to you and your business but we still need to make a living and put bread on the table.

Our web sites: beautifully designed, carefully planned and always built with content management as standard, start at £3,000.

Depending on whether you grab your site and run when it's designed and built, or stay for the full hands-on enotions treatment, which can include maintaining your site and social media for you, strategic business and online advice, assistance with SEO and another pair of eyes on your business, naturally affects the price. It comes down to what’s in your budget, what you want from us and how comfortable you are at sharing the load with taking your business forward.

At the end of then day, it's YOUR choice.

You can get your site cheaper and you can also spend an awful lot more. We like to think the smiles per pound ratio with us makes us an extremely attractive option.


enotions clearly explained how social media could help our business and quickly set up with our own Twitter and Facebook accounts. These channels are increasingly becoming important in spreading knowledge of the racecourse and informing race goers of forthcoming meetings.

Jeremy Martin, Salisbury Racecourse

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