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Brand Creation

Creative brands have the ability to transform businesses and organisations. Appear dull and uninspiring, or fail to live up to the expectations set out in your brand ethos, and you will suffer.

We use our vision and creativity to help drive businesses forward, from their visual identity, how they communicate, employee behaviour through to business development.

Have you got pants on under that?

We don't make kilts and no one at enotions has ever worn a kilt (that they admit to, anyway). However, if you head over to Connell and Todd, one of our lovely clients, we reckon you'll find some lovely old posters from Scotland and other tasty Scottish bits and pieces.


I love my reports from enotions. They clearly show what is happening with my site, both how people find it and what they do when they're in it.

Jane Jeanes, Farley Flowers

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