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Stour Homes

When: 2010 -

Why: A leading bespoke property builder needed the right site and logo

What: Designed and built a site that represents their business and for search engines

Stour Homes is a family controlled enterprise, a partnership of two businesses, Urgent Developments Ltd and Eddie Hudson Carpentry Services Ltd, based on the Dorset/Wiltshire border. Together they have the right blend of experience, knowledge and different skills, with each having a passion to please.


As a public company, shareholder communication is both highly regulated and critical to the health of our business.  The distribution of company announcements therefore has to be totally reliable and highly responsive, often at very short notice.  Over the last seven years, enotions have consistently proven that we can rely on them to provide service to the standards required by us and our regulator.

Peter Dixon-Clarke, Rockhopper Exploration

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