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Writing for the web is a different kettle of fish to writing for print.

enotions can help tweak your site text to jig it up a bit, or we can rewrite the entire copy for you to ensure the whole thing shines from the screen. When copywriting we also consider search engine optimisation as well as making sure the content is accessible and easily digestible - like the very best biscuits.

Murderous success!

The International Bestseller! Lord knows we've tried to write it, but every time we do it seems to slip away from us. That said, we're in the middle of writing a sit com (true!) and we once wrote the entire published package of a murder meal game for the Whodunnit Murder Mystery company (true!!).


enotions explained the value of blogs and how they could benefit our sales by driving visitors to our site and how they can improve search engine optimisation. They advised on frequency of postings and the content of the blogs to correspond with the marketing plan.

Karen Cullen, Yardley of Windsor

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