During these unprecedented and difficult times, businesses are having to adapt, and fast, to the limits the government have put in place for prospective customers’ ability to access their services.

In the last two months we have already helped Anokaa Restaurant, Baroushka Restaurant, Italian restaurant Grillado, Rajpoot Dorchester and, fruit and veg company, Central Fruits move quickly and cheaply to selling online, complete with full online commerce and order tracking.

No more taking orders or payments over the phone. No more scratching heads as to what has been processed and what hasn’t. No wondering where you need to deliver next. Instead, everything is managed centrally and at the touch of a button on your phone or laptop.

And all this can be done for you at a super low price that is right for today’s financially stretched finances.

If you need help with moving your business to selling online quickly, securely and safely, get in touch. We’re here to help.