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A website to reflect the quality of the client

RockSALT Training came to enotions with a specific request; to make their website more approachable and to reflect the presentational standards with which they were renowned for.

Founder of the company, Hugh Vivian, has over 25 years of experience working with businesses, individuals, and students alike to help them master their performance delivery using a tailored approach to ensure each client’s needs are taken into consideration.

The most noticeable issue that stood out to us with the old website was its lack of structure, with the majority of the information presented on one page without headings or blocks to guide the user to where they needed to go to. There was no real indicator of the target audience and information about student and individual help being lost in the lengthy prose.

Before we began working on the copy for the site, we established a sitemap that would flow in such a way that users could easily click onto the resource that was relevant to them.

From this sitemap, we began working with our designers to create a brand that reflected Hugh; warm and approachable, whilst also knowledgeable and experienced.

It was also imperative that the call-to-action was easy to complete in as few steps as possible, so we integrated his Calend.ly app into the site to allow users to book within the site itself instead of being taken to an external site (which is also helpful for SEO and reporting purposes).

It took several iterations of copywriting as well as coming to an agreement on the overall tone of the site. We had to be clear on the terminology used and whether the client wanted to refer to a pricing structure.

As it stands, the coaching programme invariably differs from client to client, therefore we opted to exclude this feature at present and monitor the number of enquiries made.

There was a lack of social media presence across all platforms which, in this instance, worked in our favour as it means we can create a fresh social launch campaign now that the new site has been deployed. With Google Analytics and Tag Manager installed, our reporting is in place to see how the new website fares against its predecessor. 

Hugh was delighted with the final product and its design. We worked tirelessly to ensure he felt his personality and ideas were reflected in the visual assets as well as the copy.

From here, we will be having ongoing marketing meetings to discuss SEO, paid advertising, and other potential strategies for boosting his brand and increasing reach both online and offline.

We plan to work with Hugh to create a resource section that will include blogs on industry trends as well as thought leadership pieces that showcases the best of what RockSALT has to offer. 

To visit RockSALT’s website click here, or if you’re interested to hear more about our work and how we might be able to help you please get in touch and we’d be more than happy to have an informal chat on how to make your website work for you. 

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