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enotions works as marketing agency to US-based company

enotions is delighted to announce that it is working with Florida-based company SOX Erosion. Having been asked to redesign and develop their new web site, enotions’ remit has widened to look after SOX’s entire marketing activity.

Beginning in June 2021, enotions will run SOX’s marketing campaigns, including sales documentation and asset creation, social media and web site updates, as well as assisting in cleaning up and improving the overall performance of SOX’s lead generation pipeline and process.

SOX Erosion provides bio-engineered living landscapes to help all across America with coastline, tidal, river and hillside erosion. They are a fantastic green organisation, who do so much to assist in the preservation of valuable landmass from environmental erosion and we’re proud to be working with them.

The placement of such a fantastic US-based company with enotions cements our place as an innovative, personable and results driving creative agency, who provide 360 degree marketing experience courtesy of our inspiring and talented team.

We are so looking forward to creating new and exciting marketing campaigns to help SOX Erosion all across America and beyond.

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