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Helping business thrive in 2023

All of us, I suspect, go into 2023 with a combination of anticipation and trepidation.

The view from the high street is downbeat, the opinion from fellow business owners is of nervousness, and you only need to turn on the TV to be told how bleak things are.

Mindful of all this uncertainty, there are things which we at enotions are putting in place to help our existing clients and potential future clients with managing their digital marketing budgets, activity and returns.

Free consultancy

Firstly, all digital and marketing consultancy and advice will be offered to anyone, whether they are clients of enotions or not for free. We will be on hand to;

  • answer your digital questions,
  • provide comments on your website and marketing strategy,
  • review your SEO policy and advise any changes we recommend to improve it,
  • and help anywhere we can with the rest of your marketing and digital ambitions,

all without obligation and without charge.

We want to make sure you know you’re getting value for money from your current web agency. Or, if you’re not, that plans are in place to make sure your digital marketing is working the very best it can.

No contracts

Unlike many web agencies, where you sign up for a service and are hooked in for twelve months, we have a cancel at any time policy with any service we provide.

Whilst we are proud of every service we offer, whether it’s

we know that sometimes businesses need a month or two to freeze their marketing activity and allow their cashflow to catch up.

That’s why you can stop any service from us at any time and restart when you are ready to go again. All our services are rolling and flexible enough to turn off or on at any time.

Transparency of fees

More than ever it’s going to be essential for businesses to understand their financial commitments to work and understand what their obligations are going to be for payments.

That’s why we’ll continue to be transparent with every aspect of the services we offer. We already show on this web site how much we charge for different types of web sites, services and activities.

We will continue to clearly demonstrate how much work will cost and, if we are doing maintenance work for you, breakdown every single activity clearly into time and cost.

Oh, and unlike most agencies, there is no rounding up that goes on at enotions. You will only pay for the time worked, not to nearest 15 or 30 minutes. So, if we do 3 minutes work for you, you’ll be charged for 3 minutes work!

Spread payments to suit a business’s finances

We understand the financial commitment in investing in a web site or piece of digital marketing.

That’s why we are always happy to spread payments to suit a business’s finances and cashflow.

Whilst we usually work on a 50% payment up front, 50% on completion for web sites and a monthly invoice at the end of each month of maintenance process, there is always flexibility with this. If you wish to spread payments over, for example, six months, we can do this.

Chat to us about what you feel most comfortable with and we’ll action accordingly.

Honesty and openness in everything we do

Enotions is a family-run business. As a result, it’s not about profits and turnover. We genuinely care about what we do and doing the best job possible.

The company was set up over 20 years ago to provide honest, down-to-earth and cost-effective web solutions for business. Nothing has changed.

We conduct every single relationship with every customer in the same open, honest and fair manner. We understand running a business can be challenging, especially in today’s climate. That’s why we will always do the best for our clients, offering the best price possible and going the extra mile in what we do for them.

It’s no surprise that many of our clients come to us and never leave. When you contact enotions, you contact an agency who will look after you every step of the way.

Continued unrivalled, cost-effective support

Being a family-run business, as a client of ours you’re assured an honest and dedicated approach to everything we do for you.

You’ll never be put with a junior accountant manager without the authority to act or the skills or experience to advise. You will be looked after by Rob, founder and owner of enotions, who has nearly thirty years experience of web sites and web site strategy.

This means that when you ask a question, you’ll be given a clear and detailed answer, then and there.

We are also different to most other agencies when it comes to finances. It’s not about making big profits for shareholders or directors. Enotions is about doing the best for our clients, with amazing solutions at a sensible price.

2023 could yet be the best year for your business ever! With the commitments we make to you above, contact enotions to discuss your project. And see just what the year might yet deliver!

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