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Leading games and tech PR company teams up with enotions

Raptor PR are a leading global games and tech PR company based London. Headed up by industry figurehead Rana Rahman, they include among their client experience Gamestream, Rovio, PlayStation and EA.

Raptor PR has been a client of enotions for many years now and it was a pleasure to be asked to rebuild their site in preparation for several of new company announcements.

We are also delighted to announce an ‘informal’ working relationship with Raptor PR, whereby we will be their digital support partner for future projects whenever Raptor PR and their clients require web-based advice and build.

The ‘partnership’ fits both companies’ ethos and work ethic, which is focused on achieving the very best for clients. MD of enotions, Rob Richardson, and Raptor PR MD Rana have been friends, both professionally and personally, for nearly fifteen years, so the relationship is cemented with a lot of trust, time and shared values.

We look forward to bringing news of new Raptor PR/enotions projects soon. In the meantime, visit https://raptorpr.com/ to see the range of offerings Raptor PR brings to the games, media and tech industry.

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