Anokaa Restaurant

Restaurant Case Study

Why did you contact enotions?

Because enotions were the only web agency in Salisbury back in 2003! Now you can’t move for them, but back then they were the main agency in the city, and still are in my opinion. You have to understand that I’ve worked with Rob and his team for a very long time now. 17 years? Maybe longer, even? I can’t remember exactly, but I’ve been so happy working with enotions that I’ll never go anywhere else. Rob knows my restaurant and how I run things and that is very important. Whilst I am still a customer, we’ve become good friends and I know always that he is looking out for me and doing the best he can for Anokaa.

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What made you decide to choose them?

I can’t remember exactly how we were introduced, but I liked Rob from the start and he looked after my restaurant Anokaa first of all, and then started looking after my other restaurants and business web sites, as well the Muslim Association web site.

You see, Rob is very good value for money, as well as being very loyal, down to earth and honest. I trust him and his team implicitly. I know he’s always looking out for me, making sure we’re getting the best service possible, which is so important in these current difficult times, due to Covid.

When did you know you’d made the right choice?

Oh, it was clear from the start Rob was very experienced with web sites and web strategy. What I have particularly liked is the digital marketing aspect to the business, what he brings in terms of social media, SEO and online sales and ordering systems. This was particularly important when restaurants were forced to close because of Covid-19. Rob moved very quickly to get us selling takeaways online, very promptly, precisely and incredibly good value for money.

That’s how I’d describe enotions – good value for money. They offer an amazing service, at a price that is really reasonable for what they do. It’s always been this way.

Would you recommend them to other businesses?

Without hestiation. They have been more than a web and digital agency to me and my restaurants. They have been a strategic partner, allowing me to grow and concentrate on my core business, whilst they manage everything online!

Are you a restaurant? Want to experience the same excellent service with your restaurant online?