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On the look out for web designers

enotions is on the look out for freelance and contract web designers to join our team on short to longer term projects.

We are looking for designers, available immediately, to join our busy team in the pre-Christmas rush!

Successful applicants will;

    Be creative
    Have a strong eye for detail,
    Be down to earth,
    Be easy going but work to tight deadlines,
    Work remotely from their own place of work,
    Be able to take a brief, work to a budget and to a deadline,
    Be experienced with Photoshop and Illustrator.

If that’s you, send us your CV along with examples for your latest work and your rates.

Hold the designs, we’ve got some planning to do!

In the past, both with enotions, and before at other web agencies with whom we’ve worked, we’ve not been able to wait to get going on designs for customers. It’s been, or at least it always seemed to be, the most exciting bit of a project, seeing what the site would look like. We’d pitch designs to win the work. We’d crack straight on without really knowing what the final content was, what the message of the site was even, in some cases.

But we’ve recently had a complete change of thought and, crucially, approach. We now don’t design until the vision, structure and content has been agreed and finalised. This might sound like an incredibly regimented and inflexible approach but quite the contrary. What it allows you to do is work in an unrestricted fashion, throwing around ideas, visions, pieces of content and approaches without being stuck in a particular direction, forced by a design. Equally, when you’re working with a ‘paper doll’ of a site, changes can be made quickly and easily, unlike designs which require significant work to revise.

By structuring everything out like a map, nothing is left to chance, nothing is forgotten, nothing surprises. And with a detailed and complete site map to hand, designs are then more quickly developed and build is effortless.

Salisbury Racecourse relaunches web site

Salisbury Racecourse are one of our favourite customers. We’ve worked with them for seven years now. They are a fantastic group of people and the course itself is just spell-binding. So they need a decent web site!

Not that the first one we did for them wasn’t but that was a long time ago and lot has happened with the web, both in terms of things that happen in front of the site and behind the site.

So, Salisbury Races now has a stunning new site which we’re all very pleased with and which, we think, does them proud. They also have a fully Content Managed system behind the scenes, courtesy of our gorgeous CMS we’ve developed.

We’re now working on an online ticketing system for users to buy tickets for race days. Time is pressing so I better log off this blog and log back onto proper work!

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enotions e-Commerce solution has had a huge impact on our business and how we sell tickets for race meetings. Being able to sell online has made it easier for our customers and easier for us. enotions' system has seamlessly integrated into everything we do.

Jeremy Martin, Salisbury Racecourse

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