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Do apps signal the end of the search engines?

Apps are everywhere. Whether you have an iPhone or smart phone, you cannot seem to go anywhere without being inundated with the opportunity to view, download and play with apps.

Apps are here and they’re here to stay. But what does this mean for search engines?

In the past, if you ever want to access information, you loaded up Google or Yahoo and carried out your search. Apps have opened up a new dimension in our access, and use, of information. Apps now provide the ability to find information on the move, wherever you might be, through your handheld device. This is a seismic change in the way which we access information and use information. It’s as seismic as when search engines replaced reference libraries in the civic centres of our towns and cities.

I would even go as far to say that apps actually signal the end of search engines as we know and use them today. It’s no surprise that Google has been working hard to get into mobile market themselves.

No more sitting down in front of the computer having to do a fairly static search to find something. Now, you simply access the app to find out or do what you want to do there and then, at the actual spot of need. Want to find a good restaurant near to you? Access the restaurant app. Need to find out where your friends are at this very moment in time? Pick up their movements using GPS on their phones through the relevant app.

Apps are revolutionising the way in which we access and use information. We are getting faster and more critical of the information we take in and, perhaps, slightly smarter. Perhaps.

I see a future where everything people wish to find out, access, use or do will be done through mobile devices, and apps will be the interface to do this. Search engines will continue to have a role to play but the new battlegrounds lie within the world of the app and this raises an interesting question. If search engines are waning in light of apps, what of websites if apps fulfil all our digital requirements?

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