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Oakhurst Blinds shoots up search engines after enotions’ SEO work

Oakhurst Blinds approached enotions for help with their web site visibility. A well established and successful business, they wanted to further expand their reach in the most cost effective way. Good Search Engine visibility, then!

Search Engine Optimisation is one of enotions’ specialist areas. We have years of following the behaviour of search engine indexing procedures and a suite of tools to help quickly and easily optimise sites accordingly and present back the results in clear and detailed reports.

Within weeks of the work being carried out on the site, Oakhurst were already appearing in the upper reaches of the first page for their most significant and important search terms.

Part of our SEO service is to provide ongoing reports and advice regarding search engine rankings and how to keep them strong.

All work carried out by enotions was, of course, ‘clean’. We never carry out ‘black techniques’ which, for short term gain, kill the future prospects of the site on search engines.

Must you really be Number One on search engines?

In the competitive world of Search Engine Optimisation, optimisers (and I include enotions in this) are forever saying that you must aim to be number one in search engines for related searches. I have always supported this theory, but I have recently started to question whether or not getting to the top spot is actually what you want to do.

Research has started to show that actually users are beginning to distrust top ranked sites and plum for the second or third placed sites first. The reason for this is users are realising that a lot of money is being spent (unnecessarily I hasten to add) to hit the top spot and the sites doing this, won’t usually give the information the user is after.

The reason for this is because, rather than focusing on genuine quality site content and the needs of the user, the sites are often just packed with key words, paid high ‘page rank’ sites for referral links and consultancy to use site tags to optimise effectively.

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Want more traffic? Think content

Every one wants more traffíc. Whilst I would argue that more traffic isn’t always the best thing you need (more GOOD traffic is what you really want), when the usage stats go up, up up and your server starts to whirr, you get a warm glow all over knowing that people are visiting your site, viewing your products or reading about your services.

The web is full of ‘experts’ telling you, usually for a fee, how to increase search engine traffic. And usually their advice involves you spending even more money on pay-per-click advertising, twisting your meta data on your pages or reciprocal link programs. Well please read this – YOU DO NOT NEED TO SPEND ANY MONEY TO GET MORE TRAFFIC TO YOUR SITE!!

Online advertisers hate enotions :)

In a nutshell, the job of the search engine is to provide, accurate and meaningful search engine results that are related to the search terms or phrases. Therefore, to ensure you get the most from search engines, you must think quality of content.

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