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The social media wave has well and truly arrived. We’ve talked about the likes of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube being prospective marketing channels for some businesses for years now. And I choose not to think back on how many years I’ve been boring for Britain and applying search engine optimisation for clients!

We’re finding the message of social media has permeated further and further into the business and consumer psyche. Everyone seems to have a Facebook profile and people everywhere are tweeting. But for businesses, many are wondering why bother, for what end and what they should be using, if at all!

We’ve recently been working with He-Shi about their emarketing. He-Shi, a leading self-tanning company, have a sensational brand and business and have experienced impressive growth in their lifetime. They are now looking to reach further with their messages and social media is a fertile ground for their target audience.

Our work with them has incorporated reviewing their market and audience, providing reports back on the activity they should be participating in and with the sorts of things they should be saying.

Social media is not for every business. There are many businesses we actively deter from indulging themselves with tweets and facebook alerts. But for some it’s a new and potentially immensely powerful platform to reach an even broader audience.

Why we love Twitter – and why you should too!

It seems that everyone is talking about Twitter at the moment. Twitter is a free microblogging service that allows posts of 140 characters about, well, anything you like. Twitter has caught the imagination of personal and business users. Whilst it started as a tool for personal comments, it’s started to be embraced by the business arena who now realise it’s value as an instant and cheap platform for announcing news, developments and thinking.

Twitter has enjoyed an estimated 900% growth in usage in the last year and has been recently costed at around $500 million.

Not bad for a service to help bung a couple of lines about yourself around the world.

And there in lies the subtle brilliance of the site. On the face of it, Twitter seems an incredible waste of time! What value can be gained from sending 140 characters out into the ether? But just like any exercise, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. Some comments (or ‘Tweets’) might be hurriedly thrown out, some carefully crafted, but the more you write, the more followers you will attract and the more your ‘tribe’ will be waiting for your next mini-masterpiece or jaw-dropping announcement. And as the numbers increase, the more you feel inclined to keep them fed and watered on your revelations and news.

Twitter works because it captures the ‘time poor’ mood of the web user. They don’t have time to wade through reams and reams of information. They want quick, short, hard facts with the ability to link to more information, should they wish it. Twitter’s 140 character limit captures this perfectly.

There’s so much more to Twitter than just Twitter itself. The development community is endlessly creating new tools and add-ons for Twitter to expand the base functionality the site offers. You can now upload images, find people based on your profile, update from anywhere with your mobile, translate your tweets into any number of languages. As the tools expand, so do the possibilities with Twitter.

At the end of the day, there’s only one true way to understand and marvel at the wonder that Twitter is and that’s set up an account and get Tweeting! And when you do, don’t forget to follow us!

Why enotions is on Twitter

First of all, what is Twitter? For those of you who haven’t discovered Twitter yet, it is the new (in fact, not so new any more) free social networking site that allows you to keep others updated with what is going on with you in 140 characters or less.

A good way of describing it is as ‘micro-blogging’.

You can update your Twitter account from almost anywhere. The twitter site, your own site, desktop app, even your own mobile (although this should come with a health warning – it’s addictive!)

People can follow you and your ‘tweets’ as the posts are called and, as well as telling people what you are doing, you too can follow others.

Twitter gets you effortless exposure as you go about your daily activities, through both the Twitter site and through search engines which index your comments. An article on a significant project you’re undertaking will be picked up by search engines and, when people search on that project, your ‘tweet’ may well be presented.

You can also incorporate your ‘proper’ blog feeds automatically into your tweets so your Twitter account becomes the central broadcaster for your business, compiling your tweets and blogs in one bite sized format.

As business becomes increasingly competitive, as the demand for information becomes more intense, as customers become less patient, the need to project yourself as far and wide as possible and as effectively as possible has never been more acute.

As enotions, we want customers, both existing and future, to know our personality, our news, our achievements, our experience, our beliefs and our aspirations. Twitter gives us this platform.

You can follow Rob’s enotions’ Twitter at

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