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New brand for roofing company

More than ever, a strong visual identity for your business is critical to standing out from the crowd and making sure you’re seen.

When McConnell Roofing came to enotions for help with their branding, they had, like so many businesses, an old legacy brand that they had lived with since their first inception. The logo was muted, monochrome and easily missed. However, McConnell Roofing was succeeding as a business, due to their quality service, and knew they needed strong branding to help take them to that next level whilst they expanded their operation.

Knowing that enotions were experts with evolving company brands, as well as start ups, they contacted us and quickly we were able to get them all set with a stunning new identity.

With our ready made business questionnaire, we were able to get to the heart of their true business character in little time and with no need for face to face meetings. Once we had answers to our questions, we got to work on a series of approaches, one of which was chosen to take forward to final production.

We went with a simple striking image, using three colours for impact and to reflect the main company blue. This simplicity helped the logo stand out on van livery as well as clothing and printed material.

The abstract roof concept mirrors their business offering, but also represents the ‘M’ in McConnell. The slab, serif typeface conveys professionalism and has a modern feel.

Regarding colours, blues convey trust, calmness and professionalism, whilst orange is a complimentary colour to blue.

The roofing type underneath is contained beneath a line, giving the impression of a strong, solid foundation.

As well as the logo, we also supplied details of colour palette and fonts to be used alongside the logo, and a range of logo formats, for online and print use.

McConnell Roofing were delighted with the final results, and plans are in place to now work on livery for their fleet of vans.

If you are wondering about updating your brand, contact us for a chat and no obligation quote. We’ll be delighted to help in any way we can.

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