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Adding online shopping to home deliveries

Whilst the pandemic and resulting economic shock has been traumatic for many individuals and business, some companies and enterprises have found huge opportunity in this new world, particularly those with a home delivery aspect to their business.

One of these businesses is Central Fruits, a fruit and vegetable firm based in Salisbury, who expanded from selling at Wiltshire and Dorset markets to offering a ‘to your door’ delivery service, initially advertised by Facebook and word of mouth only.

Superb quality produce

A combination of superb quality produce, a friendly down-to-earth manner and a perfect price point meant that the business quickly expanded in both turnover and customers, to a point where they needed extra drivers and vehicles to support the demand.

As a result of the success, the way in which Central Fruits managed customers and customer orders urgently needed to change, simply to help them keep up! And so they came and spoke to enotions.

An online shop

What we did was set them up with an online shop, which integrated directly into their existing web site. The shop allowed users to place orders for the forthcoming week, taking and processing payment online – no more need for cash or contact payments on delivery!

The system plotted the customers postcode within the delivery schedule and assigned them the correct delivery day. No more hours working out which orders were to be packed and sent out when.

A new central order tracking system was created, keeping everything in one place and easily accessible to the team.

All orders were automatically flagged with the Central Fruits team via email notifications, meaning everyone on the team knew exactly where things were with the business. And the streamline backend allowed Central Fruits to extract key data, customer information, instant cashflow data, as well as seeing which were the most popular and profitable lines and which needed rethinking.

Making their business work smarter

At the start of every day, Central Fruits were able to export all orders for the day ahead, and import these into the RoadWarrior system used by all delivery vehicles, to help plan the most efficient route for deliveries.

In addition, the export allows for the extraction of subscriber details for weekly reminders to customers to place orders for the week ahead.

It’s been great to be part of this really exciting and dynamic young company, helping them to buck the trend and grow a successful business, not just in the short term, but put down the firm foundations upon which to build the business for many years to come.

Check out the shop at https://www.centralfruits.co.uk/shop.html (please note, we built the shop only)

And if you are a business who might benefit from the streamlining of your business, business processes or move to efficient online selling, drop us a line at hello@enotions.co.uk or by calling 01722 712699. We’d be delighted to help you too.

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