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enotions launches The Linen Trove’s new web site and shop

The Linen Trove is a family-run linen wares company, based in the UK. Whilst they did have a web site and shop, neither were doing the business for them. So they dropped us a line and asked if we’d be able to help.

The first thing we did was clean up and streamline their site’s appearance, rebuilding it in WordPress and Elementor in order to ensure that it would be as easy as possible for them to update themselves.

We then rebuilt their shop, providing them with the tools to be able to easily add and remove products, manage stock levels, set automatic notifications for customers, as well as giving them the ability to apply site wide and coupon-based discounts for campaigns.

A flexible, easy to use and accessible web site and shop is more important than ever in these lockdown days. We’ve now given The Linen Trove the tools they need to move their business to the next level, and at a price which too is right for today’s stretched budgets.

We also set them up with a newsletter sign up facility and ready-designed mail templates, for them to grow their subscribers and do more targeted marketing campaigns, using discount member coupons as an incentive for customers to get involved.

See the site at https://www.thelinentrove.co.uk, and talk to us about what we can do to streamline and improve your own online presence.

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