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Website Maintenance: Increase Traffic and Conversions

When it comes to your business’s website, it’s not enough to simply run checks pre-deployment and then sit back and reap the rewards; there are a lot of things that can, and will, go wrong both in a technical and holistic sense.

This article outlines some of the areas you need to add to your regular maintenance checks (or begin afresh if you’ve not already done so). Maintaining your website not only helps with SEO, but it also ensures long-term user retention and website authority. 

Run Speed Tests

Perhaps one of the most important points on our list is checking how quickly your website loads for users across a range of platforms.

It’s been known for less experienced developers and companies to optimise their website for desktop without checking the mobile user’s experience (which, depending on your site, could be your biggest source of traffic).

By running a speed test, you can identify pages that are taking longer to load as well as finding the root cause of the problem, which is often unminified images or css. 

Ideally, each page on your site shouldn’t take more than a few seconds to load. The longer it takes to load, the more likely it is the user will drop off thus increasing your bounce rate and hurting your chances of gaining leads.

Perform Regular SEO Audits

We’ve briefly discussed SEO in a previous blog, but it’s worth mentioning again here. By performing monthly SEO audits, you can spot any rogue errors that have found their way into your website.

This can include things like 4xx errors, uncached pages, and unexpected toxic backlinks that can greatly harm the authority of your website.

By rectifying these problems swiftly and pragmatically, you’ll give yourself much more breathing space to deal with other matters concerning your business.

It’s worth noting that you shouldn’t perform checks every day as data can fluctuate and certain issues can have a tendency to resolve themselves.

That being said, if you do happen to run a test and spot a major issue, there’s no harm in resolving it there and then. 

Check Your CTAs

Another thing to test regularly are your CTA buttons. This can include buttons that link to other pages, payment buttons, and links to shopping carts if you’re an ecommerce business.

You’re effectively turning business away if any of these are broken or take too long to respond. 

Start A/B Testing

Similarly to the above point, you may also be making it hard for users to convert if your CTAs are located in odd or easy-to-miss sections of your website.

This is why A/B testing can be an invaluable tool in finding out the most effective way of turning leads into conversions. You might think A/B testing is only about the position of your buttons, but things like the size and font of the CTA as well as the colours used can greatly impact someone’s ability to both identify and click on your links.

You’d be surprised how many times we’ve used a tool like Hotjar to see users clicking on different shapes and icons expecting them to be links. 

Update Your Security and Plugins

Another crucial step in your website’s maintenance is the security itself. Your developer will need to ensure that all certificates and security are checked regularly, as well as updating any plugins you have on your website and testing the site works after any significant changes.

CMS systems like WordPress rely heavily on plugins for optimisation and functioning, so do check to make sure you’ve backed up your website before implementing updates.

As you can see, it’s not enough to run checks before you’ve deployed the site or when an error has already been flagged.

By performing regular website maintenance checks, you’ll mitigate any costly issues and avoid unwanted drop-offs, which will lower your ranking on search engines. 

enotions has a dedicated team that can turn around any unforeseen, immediate changes on a quick, often same day basis. Get in touch if you’d like assistance in keeping your website up to date and free from any pesky bugs or errors.

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