Bee Thomas Artist

An Artist Case Study

Why did you contact enotions?

I didn’t have a web site, but I knew that I needed one! I wanted to start selling my work online and wanted to use a local company that I could trust – and who I knew were good too!

I didn’t want to use one of the ready made template sites. I knew that they had limitations and I didn’t want any such issues. I wanted a site bespoke to me and my artwork.

What made you decide to choose them?

It was a number of things really.

I liked Rob for starters. He was very down to earth, understood what I wanted to achieve and made things very easy and clear to follow.

The price was very reasonable and it was clear that they had done this sort of thing a lot. What I wanted was the ability to manage the site and shop myself without having to constantly go back to enotions for help. They set it up to work exactly how I wanted and gave me clear instructions, via one to one and video tutorials, how to update the site.

It helped that his wife was a professional artist too!

When did you know you’d made the right choice?

The site came together very quickly. It was easy to populate with content and the web site shop worked from the start.

It was clear that we had made the right decision very early on with how easy everything went, and we were so delighted when the site went live.

The comments we’ve received have been very positive.

How have they helped your business?

The web site has meant that I’ve been able to take control of my online presence. All my social media runs through my web site. All my artwork is available to buy via my site. I can easily add new artwork, remove artwork, adjust the price and promote it in a way I was never able to do before.

Being a full time professional artist is hard enough. Having a web site which I know is working hard for me, but is easy to use, is one less thing to worry about. It means I can concentrate on producing the artwork, and the web site can concentrate on generating sales for me

Are you an artist? Want to experience the same excellent service with your web presence?