Heidi Amsinck Author

Author Case Study

Why did you contact enotions?

I needed a web site to showcase my books. Having a presence on Amazon and social media wasn’t enough. I needed a hub where everything about me, my books and further reading could be found.

What made you decide to choose them?

I took the advice of Tom Bromley, another author, but also an editor, ghost writer and all round fountain of knowledge. He recommended them to me, saying that, first and foremost, they would look after me, secondly they would do a great job, and finally the price would be sensible. He was right, on all counts!

Even though I’m not based in Salisbury where enotions are based, it made no odds, as everything was manage remotely by email, phone calls and video calls.

When did you know you’d made the right choice?

It was clear from the start I was in safe hands. I explained what I wanted, they made some suggestions and together we built up the web site together.

It felt like a collaborative process, which was exactly what I wanted, as I wished to remain in control but give them the space to design and build what was right, both for me but also for the marketplace and for future readers of my books.

Would you recommend them to other writers and author?

Yes! Rob and the team at enotions made everything easy. They took what I wanted and created a web site which I am delighted with and which I can manage and look after myself.

It feels evocative of my books and my homeland of Denmark. It really has been a joy to work with them.

Are you an author? Want to experience the same excellent service with your online presence?