Social Media Case Study

Social Media Case Study


The client approached enotions seeking professional assistance to enhance the publicity and ticket sales for their adult pantomime, “Jack and His Giant Bigstalk”. The goal was to effectively promote the event on various social media platforms.

Why enotions?

The decision to contact enotions was driven by the need for expert support in social media promotion and ticket sales. The client was referred to enotions, persuaded by their reputed proficiency in paid and organic social media advertising.

Furthermore, the need for a responsive and communicative partner was a critical factor in their decision-making process.

Selection Process

enotions was chosen for their demonstrated experience in social media advertising and their commitment to maintaining active communication. The recommendation, coupled with enotions’ track record of success in similar projects, instilled confidence in their ability to deliver results.

Moment of Realisation

The efficacy of enotions’ strategy became evident within the first month of the 2.5-month campaign.

Remarkably, half of the tickets were sold in this initial period, signaling that the client had made the right choice in partnering with enotions.

Results and Recommendations

The campaign concluded triumphantly with the sale of all tickets for the entire 15-night run of the panto. The client attributes this success to enotions’ exceptional work in social media advertising and their excellent communication throughout the campaign.

Based on this experience, the client highly recommends enotions to other businesses seeking effective social media support and advertising services.

In Conclusion

The collaboration between the client and enotions for “Jack and His Giant Bigstalk” Adult Panto stands as a testament to the power of targeted social media advertising and client-agency synergy.

enotions’ approach not only fulfilled the client’s immediate objectives but also set a benchmark for future collaborations.

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