Central Fruits

A Home Delivery Case Study

Why did you contact enotions?

We launched our business in March 2020 and we needed a web site – and quick! We were already delivering boxes of fruit and veg to customers in and around Salisbury, but we needed a better way of reaching them with marketing, as well as streamlining our business, taking orders online and working smarter.

What made you decide to choose them?

First and foremost, I got on with Rob really well. He spoke our language, was really down to earth and had this can do attitude. He was also realistic with his pricing. He knew exactly what I needed and what was realistic budget-wise for a start up like ours. Nothing was included that wasn’t needed. Nothing was bigger or grander than it needed to be. He understood a startup-businesses’ mentality and put together a proposal and a price to match.

He also understood our target audience and what they needed – and, most importantly, how to appeal to them. We got up and running veyr quickly and have never looked back.

When did you know you’d made the right choice?

Oh, as soon as the site and shop went live. The orders literally poured in. We had 100s of orders from the first week. But, what also was great was that it ALL WORKED! The ordering. The customer tracking. The payments. There was never a problem. enotions built the site, put it live and from there we’ve just gone on and on to bigger and better things!

We now delivery all across Wiltshire, Hampsire and Dorset! Our business has grown and grown.

The orders come through to us all nicely formatted, so the amount of time putting boxes together has been reduced. All payments are taken care of automatically, so there’s no cashing up or handling real money.

We’ve even been able to export our order postcodes, with the help of enotions, and use the software to better plan our delivery routes and days.

How have they helped your business?

We have grown at a phenomenal rate and enotions have been at the heart of everything we have done. With the web site, through to their marketing, business advice and now their superb SEO work, which has seen us hit the top of search engines, even against UK-wide fruit and veg box companies, they have supplied us with a service which is second to none.

I cannot recommend them highly enough. Not only have they promised and delivered on everything we have worked together on, but they have been a pleasure to work with too.

Nothing has been too much trouble, and now, as we grow into farm shops and holiday venues, such as Sandy Balls, I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Have the same or similar challenges? Want to experience the same excellent service?