If you’re looking for mesmerising eyeball-popping copy to set your web site, brochure or advertising campaign on fire, you’ve come to the right place!

At enotions we employ an experienced wordsmith, a four times published novelist no less, who writes all our client copy. He will sit down with you, work out exactly what it is you want to say across which platforms, and will then produce copy that captures your message or elevates your promotion.

We can help tweak your site text to jig it up a bit, or we can rewrite the entire copy for you to ensure the whole thing shines brightly from the screen. When copywriting for web sites we also consider search engine optimisation as well as making sure the content is accessible and easily readable.

We can create a marketing plan for your promotions, and produce articles and items to be seeded into the campaign throughout its lifetime.

We can also create beautiful eloquent brochures which inspire, intrigue and make potential clients keep turning pages until they reach the contact details on the back.