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A new bigger and better website for Visit Gardens

Visit Gardens new web site has gone live, courtesy of enotions.

Visit Gardens is an online portal for people wanting to discover more about the wonderful gardens within the United Kingdom. Packed with exhaustive informative and photographs, all written and taken by founde Camilla Anderson, Visit Gardens is an astonishing piece of work and invaluable resource for lovers of the outdoors.

Having built their first site five years ago, the site and business has expanded and evolved to a point where a new web site was required. The original served the organisation well, but they needed to move to a platform which could cope with the sheer volume of content, as well as providing tools to allows to easily find what they were after.

Key to success of the new site is a powerful search facility, which allows users to search on name, county, town or by proximity to places and quickly search the database of three hundred gardens, returning topline information, as well as more detailed reports and libraries of images.

The site provides Visit Gardens with the platform upon which they can grow and expand their business, attracting record numbers of users and consequently advertising opportunities for hotels, restaurants and businesses local to gardens.

To find out more, visit the Visit Gardens web site or contact us. We’ll be happy to discuss both this project and your own web site project.

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