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8 things to think about with your web site in 2023

More than ever your web site is an essential arm to your business. With new technology, new ways in which we access the internet, the expectations we have from web sites and the speed at which technology is moving, it can all be pretty bewildering!

To make things easier, we’ve pulled together an eight point checklist below. These are things you should be thinking about with your web site.

Don’t worry about trying to sort all eight points in your site (great if you can though!). But try to tick off as many as you can to ensure your site serves you and your users as well as possible.

Your 2023 web site checkist

  1. Mobile responsiveness:
    With the increasing use of mobile devices to access the internet, it’s important to ensure that your website is optimised for different screen sizes and resolutions.
  2. Security:
    With the growing number of cyber attacks and data breaches, make sure that your website is secure. It must have adequate measures in place to protect sensitive information.
  3. Accessibility:
    With an aging population and more people with disabilities accessing the internet, it’s important that your website is accessible to everyone.
  4. Content:
    With the rise of voice assistants and AI, think about how your content will be consumed by different devices and platforms.
  5. Performance:
    With the increasing use of high-speed internet and 5G, your website needs to load quickly and efficiently.
  6. Personalisation:
    With the rise of data crunching and analytics, think about how you can use data to personalise the user experience on your website.
  7. SEO:
    Search engine optimization has always been important. And now, even more so. Make sure your website is optimised for the keywords and phrases relevant to your business.
  8. Social media integration:
    With more and more people on social media, don’t ignore it! itThink about how you can integrate your website with your social media accounts to drive more traffic and engagement.

We’re always on hand to advise and assist in any aspect of your business, web site and web presence. Drop us a line or send us an email. We’ll be delighted to help in anyway we can.

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