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What is CHAT GPT and will it change my business?

CHAT GPT is an artificial intelligence content generating tool. It’s been built to very cleverly mimic copywriters and produce copy on almost any subject you ask it.

If you are interested in a content strategy for your business, or your business needs lots of content creating, you need to take note.

As well as producing copy, CHAT GPT can translate, answer questions and provide summaries on specific topics.

Before we go any further, don’t worry, this blog as been written by Rob, not any AI program!

We’ve been playing around with CHAT GPT since the end of last year when it was first released. Our initial reaction was one of wonderous disbelief and a little bit of concern as to what this might mean for our industry and the wider creative world!

However, I don’t think we need to worry about retraining quite yet. CHAT GPT has a way to go before it replaces us all. But, it is very impressive and will come to be a very valuable marketing and content tool in a certain capacity.

As we said at the start, the program ‘mimics’ a human copywriter. This mimicking can result in a very direct and tonally grey feel in some of the content results.

The program doesn’t understand emotion or possess the capability beyond doing what has been asked of it, thus presenting a piece of copy based on facts alone. So if you’re looking for colour, at the moment you’re going to left a little in the shade with AI.

The second issue is that the facts used to create articles need to be sourced from somewhere. And these facts are found on the internet. Of course, everyone knows that you can’t really trust anything you read on the internet! So articles created by CHAT GPT can be littered with inaccuracies.

However, as a tool for creating content concepts and ideas, CHAT GPT truly is a game changer.

Stuck for content ideas for your blog? Ask CHAT GPT for some suggestions.

Need a starter for ten for your new blog or article? Load up CHAT GPT and ask it.

Undoubtedly more powerful and impressive content AI tools will be created in the coming months and years. Perhaps one will even be powerful enough to compete with real copywriters.

But, for now at least, we think CHAT GPT should be thought of as an eager assistant gathering notes and ideas together for the human copywriter. After which the human creative then works their magic.

If you’ve not tried CHAP GPT, you can do so on the CHAT GPT web site.

And if you want to talk to us about AI content creation, or just normal human copywriting, contact us here.

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