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End of busy, short and Covid filled week!

That’s a wrap, folks! What an incredible, whirlwind week at Enotions.

We’ve been moving at lightning speed, waving the magic wand over not one, but TWO new websites, which are now live and kicking!

We’ve also been heads down and hands on, meticulously planning a comprehensive social media strategy for one of our talented life coach clients.

The SEO gears have been turning relentlessly, enhancing visibility for both a vibrant venue we manage and a dedicated pet walking company too.

And let’s not forget about our content creation crusade for a local fruit and veg delivery service – keeping it fresh and tasty!

Now, let’s switch gears for a moment, because we have some very special news… Our very own Rob has had his first novel published, and what’s more, it’s in FRENCH and in FRANCE!

All this, while Covid hopped around the office, leaving us with a shortened but unbelievably productive week. It’s been a wild ride, folks, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! (Well, maybe not the Covid bit, but ….)

Time for a brief lie down now… But don’t worry, we’re already raring to go and do it all again next week. After all, we’re Enotions, and the digital world never sleeps!

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