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enotions launches ‘Haircut’ campaign for 2020

enotions has been an especially busy little agency over the last few years. So busy in fact that we’ve rather neglected ourselves and our own image. The problem is, and all busy companies will know this, when you’re so busy doing work for clients, you tend to ignore your own patch of ground.

At enotions we spend our lives explaining to clients the importance of visual appeal, brand and personality, whilst having let our own character rather drift. Aware that we’ve needed to address this for some time, towards the end of last year we started to pull together some ideas that would make for an engaging, humorous and eye-catching campaign.

Once we had compiled half a dozen ideas, we ran workshops and face-to-face sessions with some of our customers to find out what they thought, what chimed with them and what they considered to be the most engaging of concepts.

From here we narrowed and refined the ideas down to a single one – ‘Haircut’.

The ‘Haircut’ campaign is a means of taking something that, over the years, has grown increasing complex, in terms of all the different channels available to digital marketing, and presenting it to the end-user in a simple and easily identifiable manner. Every one of us has a haircut which has a variety of requirements. Your digital marketing is exactly the same. Once upon a time it was just your web site you needed to worry about. Now it’s your site, your social media, SEO, security, compliance, maintenance, and much more.

‘Haircut’ scored highly with our customers because they felt it was both relatable and funny, clearly showing what the campaign is about, what enotions does and how we can help. It has also allowed us to create inventive and fun word play around hair-related topics to further emphasise the comparisons between digital and haircuts, such as enotions ‘being the tonic’, ‘100% flake-free’, made up of ‘essential ingredients’ and with no ‘spilt ends’.

One last point is to do with the focus of words. We purposefully switched the natural wording of ‘if your website were a haircut’ around to read ‘if your haircut were a website.’ The reason for this is we wanted to make the central identifier ‘haircuts’ and use the analogy of enotions being the ‘hair solution’. This gives even more provenance and focus on the campaign’s hair theme, making the client’s web site almost secondary to their own hair styling needs. Only once they investigate further is the precise nature of enotions’ offering, and how it can help, revealed.

As well as creating a strong, visually appealing campaign, it’s also important to make sure that all your channels reflect it, so that you have a cohesive face presented to your potential customers, regardless of how they discover you. As a result, Linked-In, Twitter, Facebook and, of course, our web site have all been updated to mirror the new campaign. Regardless of the campaign you might run or adopt, make sure you always present yourself with the same singular look and feel.

So, if your haircut were a website, what would it be?

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