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Talking Digital Marketing with Winchester University

It was a real pleasure for Rob to be invited by Winchester University to present to students studying marketing, digital media, fashion marketing and digital marketing.

In a hall with standing room only, Rob gave a thirty minute talk to students on:

  • the realities of running a full service agency,
  • how he got into the industry,
  • the changes in digital since he started in the internet business over 25 years ago.

He then went on to talk about all the different strands of digital marketing and, importantly, how they all fit together. This, Rob revealed, was with a well considered and activated content strategy!

Afterwards, he took questions for the next thirty minutes from the audience, with topics ranging from what were the most profitable parts of the enotions’ business, what makes a great employee, through to how to stay on top of the latest technology, thinking and skill set.

It’s always a pleasure to meet and interact with the next generation of digital professionals and share some of our knowledge. And, just as important, to get an insight into, and celebrate, what is coming down the way from them and their young and inspirational minds!

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