Forkingout caterers

Catering company case study

Why did you contact enotions?

We were a little bit stuck with our brand and our marketing. We’d had our old branding, the tumble of raspberries, since our very first days as a business, back in 2002. As well as that, we had a web site which we knew wasn’t the true representation of the Forkingout business, nor a true reflection of the types of dishes and menus we produce.

We knew we needed someone to come in and help us get to where we wanted to get to, so put the project out to tender.

What made you decide to choose them?

We tendered with three agencies. We picked enotions for the tender list because of their work on all the restaurants around Salisbury – they seem to do them all! But their food related work is fabulous, all these wonderful photographs and an appreciation of how to present food in a lovely fashion.

enotions came in mid price compared to the other agencies we spoke to, but it was how we hit it off right away that resonated with us. It was clear that they were really knowledgeable but they weren’t pushy. They kept saying it was our brand and business and that we would have to make the final decisions regarding look and feel, but that they would do all they could to make it as easy for us to reach a decision as possible. We loved that, the fact that they were there to guide and advise us, but wouldn’t force us down one particular route.

We also loved the fact that they had a photographer they could introduce us to who was an ace food photographer too. That sealed the deal!

When did you know you’d made the right choice?

Right away I think, not just in terms of their ‘can do’ attitude, or their early concepts for our branding, but their willingness to listen and to give us time to think. We never felt rushed or pushed to make a decision.

We also got on really well, like they were a part of the business. We run Forkingout like a family, and we were really happy that enotions seemed to dovetail into our approach, attitude and opinions like one of us.

Once we nailed the branding, things just got even better, with such excellent work on the new web site, all planned out perfectly before any designs were created. This paper doll of the site made sure that we had thought about everything, that we got our messaging right and that all the things we wanted to do and say were captured. This meant that when design and build started, it was a lot quicker to complete and there were no surprises.

How have they helped your business?

Within weeks of the new site going live, we picked up three new clients. There’s no better testament than that!

We’ve also been inundated with lovely comments about the branding and the web site from existing customers. It’s really been lovely to hear.

We also feel we’ve moved on as a business too since getting enotions in to help us with the rebrand. They’ve made us look at the business as a whole, rather than just looking at the visual aspects of the brand, to see where we are at the moment and where we want to get to. We’ve reworked all of our menus and pricing too to reflect where we want to position ourselves in the market. It’s been a fantastic experience and exercise from start to finish.

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