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Helping an MoD Contractor Recruit HGV Drivers

FTX holds a contract to deliver Heavy Equipment Transporter (HET) capability on behalf of the British Army. They supply HGV drivers and mechanics to manage their MoD’s fleet of 92 tank transporters.

As you might have guessed, it is of critical importance to FTX that they maintain their pool of Sponsored Reservists and continue to expand to meet the current global and domestic demand. 

Online recruitment campaign

When we were approached by FTX, they informed us that they were keen to engage in a recruitment campaign and look at different ways in which they could increase the number of applicants for roles through various potential online channels.

Their previous website lacked easy to access information, and users weren’t entirely sure what their offering was, therefore the number of people reaching out was close to none. 

At first the marketing plan was simply to run a series of social media campaigns to raise brand awareness and gather insights. But we soon realised that the entire site needed to be reworked, otherwise users would land on the site via social media and promptly drop off because there were no clear CTAs or navigation pathways to the vacancies available.

Two day photoshoot

We decided to begin with a two day on-site photo shoot at their various MoD locations. Though we would normally begin by designing the site’s navigation and UX structure, adding the images later, we knew that visual assets of the fleet and the team in action would be the most attractive part of the website. Therefore, we made the decision to build a website that was based first and foremost on the visuals themselves. 

Once the visuals were locked down, we moved on to designing and building the website’s structure. This involved simplifying the user journey to get them to convert in fewer steps.

But we also wanted to rebrand FTX as an exciting, innovative and authoritative company to work for, giving prospective employees an opportunity like no other. 

After a few iterations of the visual assets along with the brand style, we finally went live with a great response from FTX themselves and their partners.

Teamwork and unity

It was crucial that everyone was on board with the brand and tone of voice because they would be the ones championing FTX – and the success of their company rests upon the teamwork and unity of its recruits. 

The next steps in enotions assisting FTX is to create an effective SEO campaign to include PPC and social advertising which will aid in further promoting the brand and attract potential candidates to the website.

We will closely monitor the results of the campaigns using analytical tools and will adjust and retarget accordingly. 

For more information, visit the FTX website or alternatively you can contact us for more information on how we can help you recruit more staff for your business.  

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