Google Ad Services

Lower costs for higher clicks

Google Ads. The Power of Google Ads Marketing

Google Ads is more than just a marketing tool—it’s a gateway to potential customers when they’re most ready to take action. Our expertise in executing Google Search Ad campaigns has consistently yielded profitable outcomes, making your investment worthwhile.

The Transformative Impact of Google Ads

Introduced as a groundbreaking solution in the marketing landscape, Google Ads (often known as PPC—Pay Per Click) has changed how businesses reach their audiences. The compelling advantage? You’re only billed when someone clicks on your ad.

While the competition for ad placement has increased costs, we counteract this by crafting superior-quality campaigns. Our strategies meet Google’s quality standards, resulting in lower click costs and higher ad visibility.

Effective Budget Management

We oversee your media budget to ensure a continuous ROI. This involves meticulous keyword planning to discover lucrative search term opportunities. From general to long-tail and competitor keywords, our crafted ad copy hits the mark.

Know Your Audience

Understanding your potential clients is crucial. We analyse their motivations, buying behaviors, and possible objections. Our ad copy is carefully designed to not only attract clicks but to do so efficiently, outperforming competitors.

Specialised Google Ads Services

Google Shopping Ads

Steer your online sales in the right direction with our expertise in Google Shopping campaigns. Tailored to meet your business objectives, we plan meticulously around your products’ competitive edges. We fine-tune Google Merchant Centre feeds to boost your visibility, leading to increased conversions.

Google Display Ads

Pinpoint your audience by geographical location, demographics, and interests. Google’s Display Network allows us to display your ad across a plethora of relevant websites, achieving broad brand recognition at a lower cost per click. We manage your campaign end-to-end, offering comprehensive reporting and actionable insights for ongoing success.

Precision in Execution

Metrics That Matter

We employ precise management and measurement techniques to maximise cost-efficiency and campaign effectiveness. Each ad link is tracked to conversion, providing invaluable data for optimisation.

Transparent Reporting

Our monthly reports offer comparative analyses and actionable steps for the upcoming month. We believe in maintaining an open line of communication with our clients to deliver the best results possible.

In Summary

enotions has many years’ experience working with a multitude of different companies, industries, services and product types, leveraging fantastic low-cost, high visibility results on Google Ads.

In a nutshell, by employing enotions you can be assured of ….

  • Precise Measurement: Each ad’s performance is tracked to conversion—be it online sales, bookings, or contact form completions.

  • Transparent Reporting: We provide comprehensive monthly reports that compare performance and outline strategies for the forthcoming month.

Invest in Google Ads services that pay off. Elevate your business to the forefront of search engines and see your ROI soar. Contact us to get started on a campaign that will truly put your company’s products and services ahead of your competion.