Helix Baby baby slings

Branding Case Study

Why did you contact enotions?

I’ve known enotions for years. They helped me with my previous business, which I set up over ten years ago, before selling just a few years back. They made a huge success of that web site. So when I started Helix Baby I knew I wanted to get them involved.

What made you decide to choose them?

Rob and the team are hugely knowledgeable about the web but also very patient. They never rush or hurry you, and make technical things straightforward and simple to understand.

Working with Rob feels like working with a friend who’s looking out for you, always wanting to do the very best for you and your business. Running a business, especially in today’s market, is hard enough. It’s good to know that I’ve got someone there who’s got my back and doing all they can to make the business a success.

When did you know you’d made the right choice?

I need to answer this one from the prospective of my first business I think, as that was when I first got to see how enotions works. I think for me it was when I saw their original designs for that site. It was the little fun elements that they built into the designs that you didn’t spot at first, only later on. That’s when I knew I had a unique and clever agency helping me.

With Helix Baby, it was the manner by which they picked through my business plan and made suggestions as to how the booking facility might work – and then found me several alternative plugins to test against my business model.

Oh, and budgets. They’ve always been very open and honest when discussing budgets. You know where you stand with them, and they always do what they can to reduce cost to you.

How have they helped your business?

They’ve given me a fantastic web site over which I have complete control and which drives the entire booking aspect to the business. But primarily they’ve given me the confidence and the determination to push on and make the business the success that I know it will be.

Rob’s been a great sounding board for ideas, as well as someone who will give me a pep talk when I’m lacking a little confidence as to a particular direction to take the business.

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