How to find a Website Designer

In a satuated market, this is the number one question!

How do you find a Website Designer?

According to WebFX, 38 percent of visitors leave a site almost at once if the design is confusing or the content difficult to access.

To ensure your site works as hard as possible for you, there are a number of elements it needs to have to make sure it helps your business the best it can;

  • good design,
  • great visibility online
  • and pin-point content that’s up-to-date.


As you’ll know, or will be discovering if you’re looking at hiring a potential agency at the moment, the number of agencies out there who will claim that they can help you with all of this can be dizzying!

So here’s a handy guide for what to consider (and why to choose enotions, at the end of the day!).

Choosing who to go with comes down to a number of key things:

1. Quality of design

Naturally, you need an agency who can design you a site that’ll help you stand out from the crowd and create the right impression for your industry, brand and customers.

At enotions, we get to know a business first before we start on any design work. This means we fully understand you, your audience, your pain points and how to improve the conversions between potential and actual customers.

This then allows us to design a site perfect for you and your audience. We answer both their and your needs.

No ready-built template sites for our clients! Every site is bespoke-designed and hand-built.

2. Understanding business

You’ll also need to work with an agency who understands business;

  • how a business functions,
  • the challenges within the market,
  • the opportunities available to you
  • and what can be done to get your business using the Internet to work smarter.


For over twenty years we have worked with small and medium-sized businesses, not just as digital marketeers, but as business consultants.

By doing so, we help them not just to harness the potential of the web, but recognise how the internet can integrate with all channels. This helps get their business to work smarter, and in a more cohesive and considered manner.

3. Getting you the right traffic

It’s all very well having a web site which looks amazing. You also need to make sure you enjoy a lot of traffic flowing to it!

Search engine optimisation is critical to the success of web sites. It’s a skill to identify which key words you need to optimise your site for in order to maximise the right type of traffic to your site.

At enotions, we have powerful tools and the skills to help businesses get visibility on search engines, whilst tracking their progress against their competitors.

4. A responsive, speedy, friendly service

And, finally, you need an agency who can keep your site up to date, or provide you with the easy to use tools for you to keep the site up-to-date yourself.

We pride ourselves with our responsive maintenance service we provide to all our clients, often actioning updates as soon as they are received.

A family-run business who really cares!

For over twenty years, enotions has helped companies make the most of the internet by providing a service of care which is unsurpassed.

Being a family-run business, we understand the importance of getting things right when you spend money and enjoying the best return on your investment.

If you are a sole trader, small business or medium-sized company with the desire to be treated with genuine care and respect, and, of course, have an amazing web site, drop us a line.

We’ll be delighted to help you.

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