How to secure a Google 5 Star Review

... for your business

How to Secure a 5 Star Google Review for Your Business

When consumers search Google for products or services, local businesses that offer these are often highlighted at the top of the search results through Google’s ‘Places’ listings. Alongside each listing, you’ll notice a Google rating out of five stars, which can significantly influence customer choice and perception.

Gaining those coveted 5-star ratings isn’t just about providing excellent service. It’s also about encouraging your satisfied customers to share their positive experiences. Here’s how you can effectively increase your 5-star Google ratings.

10 Simple Steps to Achieve 5-Star Google Review

Here’s a quick guide to making it easy for your customers to leave those 5-star reviews:

1. Open Google Maps on Your Phone: Start by finding your business listing directly from your smartphone.

2. Search for Your Business: Type your business name into the search bar. If it doesn’t show up, take a moment to add your business to Google My Business—it’s a critical step!

3. Access Your Business Listing: Click on your business to bring up its full profile.

4. Use the Send Icon: Look for the send icon (a box with an upward arrow), usually located in the top right corner of your screen.

5.  Select ‘Mail’ Option: Choose to share via ‘mail’ to send yourself the link.

6. Email the Link to Yourself: Open the email to retrieve the link, which should appear as your business address.

7. Prepare the Link for Your Customer: Edit the link text to something inviting like ‘Please leave a review,’ ensuring the hyperlink remains unchanged.

8. Send to Your Customer: Email this customised link to your satisfied customer, suggesting they use their mobile device for convenience due to automatic Google login.

9. Customer Reviews Made Easy: Your customers can now click the link to be directed to your Google Maps listing where they can leave a review effortlessly.

10. Watch the 5-Star Reviews Roll In! With this simplified process, you’re all set to gather more 5-star ratings!

By making it easier for customers to leave reviews and actively encouraging them to do so, you not only enhance your online reputation but also increase trust among potential customers.

Remember, each 5-star review builds your credibility and can convert more leads into loyal customers. If you need any help, talk to us today. We’ll be happy to get those 5 star reviews heading your way!