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Central Fruits’ new web site goes live

Central Fruits is a success story of the coronavirus pandemic. They are a fruit and veg company who recognised the need to get food deliveries to people’s doors before the start of the first lockdown in March.

Using social media brilliantly well to advertise their service, employing a fleet of dedicated and conscientious delivery drivers and sourcing only the best local produce, Central Fruits captured a huge audience and saw their business grow exponentially.

enotions were hired to enable them to take orders and manage customers online, and a shop was added to the site at the start of the summer. However, the rest of the original site into which the shop was inserted was very basic, with the bare minimum of information and none of the personality of the company itself.

Now we’re delighted to announce that Central Fruits’ brand new website has gone live at https://centralfruits.co.uk/

The site provides users with information about the company, about how the delivery system works, where the open air markets are located, as well as information about the Central Fruits’ team and, of course, the shop itself.

It benefits from Central Fruits’ own photographs, taken by Alice Rose Photography (https://www.alicerosephotography.co.uk) and feels fun, fresh and exciting, just like Central Fruits itself!

We have lots of plans for the Central Fruits’ web site in the coming months to ensure that the site and the business itself continues to thrive and stay up to date.

If your own web site feels like it’s flagging, drop us a line on 01722 712699 or at hello@enotions.co.uk. We’d be delighted to help and our pricing is perfectly pitched for these cash-sensitive days.

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