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Delivering private GP services with Artius Medic

Artius Medic is a brand new start up who came to us for help with their branding and website. Their offering is unique, with their aim being to become the number one concierge, traveller and premium health care service in the UK. Their services cover all aspects of healthcare for travellers to the UK, from personal one-to-one care, transport and through to Covid tests.

We started by creating their brand from scratch, then worked on the design and build of their site.

We created a simple, sleek design with a colour palette that users would find approachable and help them through the funnel to get to their query as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Content segmentation was key here, as we were dealing with a lot of technical information that could otherwise alienate users who were unfamiliar with the process. 

By using clearly labelled content blocks, we were able to display a range of services and principles without burdening the eyes with overlapping copy. All content was written by enotions and videos were used to create a dynamic, professional but accessible tone. 

Artius Medic were thrilled with the final product; but of course it’s not just about whether the client likes the website – the user has to engage with it as well! In the last 30 days we’ve seen traffic from the US, Germany, and Italy to name a few, and an increase in users making enquiries via the ‘contact us’ section of the site. 

Our future work with Artius will involve us beginning an SEO and PPC campaign, as well as helping them plan their marketing content and grow as a business.

Visit Artius Medic’s website for more information, or if you’re interested in having your website redesigned feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help advise you based on your business’s requirements.

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