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Elan Coaching upgrades web site with shared-build experience

Elan Coaching, a leading life coaching organisation, has been a client of enotions for over fifteen years. Run by Anna Sheather, a successful life coach and author, her web site had long been in need of updating.

Originally built on HTML and then Magnolia, the decision was made in 2020 to upgrade her to a WordPress website. The reason was to enable her full control of the web site, have the versatility of an open source platform and also cost effectively redesign and build her site.

Working together, with enotions designing and building the templates and Anna then building the pages and populating them, the approach provided Anna with unsurpassed hands-on experience of learning about WordPress and how to update her site, whilst keeping costs lower still.

The result is a stunning site which Anna is both delighted with and which she knows inside out when it comes to maintaining.

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