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Refreshing the website of Hampshire’s well-known art gallery

enotions has had the pleasure of working with Collier & Dobson for many years. They are known for their selection of British artists who offer original sculptures, paintings, and limited edition prints with a focus on wildlife and natural landscapes.

Its owners have a combined experience of 45 years working in the fine art industry, and have garnered a loyal customer base who are always on the lookout for the latest releases. 

Our initial remit with C&D saw us aiding their social media efforts across Facebook and Instagram, as well as writing blogs to enhance their organic traffic and PPC campaigns to try and create a cohesive brand across all platforms.

Due to the current economic climate, we found that fewer people were visiting the site and our PPC campaigns weren’t performing as well as they used to as the competition saw the average CPC increasing significantly. 

We had discussions with the team at Collier & Dobson about their website which was showing a lag in organic traffic, and our SEO reports had indicated that there were outdated plugins and other issues that could only be remedied by updating their Shopify theme to something more recent.

This was excellent timing as we wanted to add more copy to the website to ensure that Google bots were better able to crawl the pages and rank the website on search engine results pages. 

After going over a few of the templates with their staff, we agreed that maintaining much of the same structure whilst having a more sleek, modern look would reflect their brand more appropriately.

Within the first 72 hours of the new site being live, we had 4 sales processed, which meant that customers were reacting positively to the new site. We will continue to monitor the effects of our efforts when looking at SEO and organic traffic (it can take some time to see the results). 

Overall, Collier & Dobson are very pleased with the new site, and we will be deploying this theme to other parts of their business in the near future.

Alongside the new site being deployed, we will continue working on their social media and paid advertising campaigns and increasing our focus on organic engagement through new content and blogs.

Visit Collier & Dobson’s website to find out more, or if you’d like to discuss refreshing or building your ecommerce site, you can get in touch. We’d be happy to offer guidance and help.

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