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When a Barn turns into an Estate

We were delighted to be asked by Pippa Turner at the Manor Barn, Wiltshire, last year to sit down with her and help identify how their Barn, Manor House and Farm could be better utilised and presented as the ‘go to’ location for weddings, corporate events, private parties and film shoots in South Wiltshire.

Already well established as a venue for weddings and events, the Manor Barn is nestled within the shadow of Stonehenge and, with the farm and extensive gardens, contributes to the beauty of the gently rolling hills around the ancient stones.

There is huge potential in what the location offers. It was just a case of identifying what these opportunities were and, most importantly, how they could be utilised.

We kicked off proceedings with a series of workshops, identifying the possibilities offered, recognising those that Pippa and her family wished to pursue and parking those that were less attractive to them. We then assigned timescales to each of the plans, drawing up an overall ten year plan within which the Barn and House could comfortably work.

From this plan we were then able to focus on the key elements of the immediate requirements, namely the house and barn and how it could be best utilised and marketed.

Quickly we recognised that the name BARN didn’t encapsulate the entire set up; the magnificent house, gardens, barn and farm, all contributing to a breathtaking location that was in every sense of the word an ESTATE.

Now working with the title of ‘Manor Estate’, we moved on to the branding, creating a clean, timeless and premium-quality logo, colour palette and font family.

With this done, we next addressed the web site site, combining both beautiful photographs, video footage and a slick interface, to create a web site that tells a thousand stories about the estate and what it offers.

We also built in a booking facility, integrated into Manor Estate’s payment gateway, to allow users to book and pay for bed and breakfast and longer term stays at the beautiful house online.

The whole project was an absolute joy and honour to work on and Pippa and her family were the perfect client. We look forward to working with them next on promotion and enhancements to the site, as well as expansion offerings, in line with the initial planning which came out of the early workshops.

To see the site, visit https://manorestate.co.uk/

And don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a brand or business that you feel needs reviewing, refreshing and relaunching. We’ll be happy to help.

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