Helping your business reach your audience, near and far

Marketing, delivered by an agency who understands business

Marketing is not just about an attractive web site and snappy social media posts. It’s about pulling all of the strands of your business together and driving them forward in line with a cohesive strategy.

Salisbury-based, with a global reach

Though based in Salisbury, we provide marketing support to clients all across the UK and beyond our shores.

Some clients come to us with a web presence they know can be better. Others want a total refresh, like Trailback Boots did.

But what they all need are the tools, knowledge and an agency to make any marketing they do for their business work as hard and efficiently as possible.

A bespoke service

First and foremost, enotions is an  agency who provides a truly personalised offering.

We offer a bespoke service for sole traders and smaller-sized companies looking for an agency who can see the bigger picture and who can give them access to the same opportunities that larger companies, with larger budgets, can reach.

360 degree business approach

Our service provides a holistic 360 degree approach to all aspects of your campaign.

It identifies your pinch points, your challenges and how to overcome them, as well as your opportunities and how to reach them quickly and cost-effectively.

Everything we do underpins your brand, your message and your ideal audience to help your business to grow.

Four steps to business success …​

Good marketing is about observing and understanding a business’ dynamics, pinpointing both its strengths and areas for improvement. From there you’re able to provide genuinely strategic recommendations to achieve business objectives. Our partnership approach guarantees that you have the necessary expertise and guidance to navigate your path to success effectively, set out in the steps below.



We often will start by visiting your premises and observing your business in action; how it works, what it does, where it succeeds and where it fails.
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360 degrees

A strategy must be actioned in light of, and in conjunction with, the rest of your business, your brand, your audience, ambitions and business challenges.
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Digital Marketing


Once we've worked out where it is you're hoping to get to, we will put together plans across the marketing spectrum to enable you to get there.
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We will accompany you on the entire journey to put these plans in place, to make sure you are supported and assisted the whole way.
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