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enotions supports Whizz Education’s marketing team

enotions are delighted to announce that they have started working with global educator and virtual tutor Whizz Education, supporting them with their marketing, strategy planning and creative asset management.

The work includes the gamut of skills available within enotions, including web design, social media, print and brochure creation, strategy planning, SEO, eNewsletters, copywriting and web site management.

Whizz Education, who’s home tutoring offering can be found at whizz.com, provide leading-edge virtual and gamefication of maths tutoring to home users and school are also industry and academic speakers, providing whitepapers and insights into the world of education.

enotions’ MD Rob Richardson said, “We are delighted and naturally very proud to have been asked to work with Whizz Education as part of their marketing team. They are world class and world renown for their education offering and, as a result, an extremely exciting company to work for.

“Their team consists of leading educators and superb marketeers, and we’re delighted to have been asked to support them in their drive to bring top quality education to every child within the world.”

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