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Giving life to Jenny Smith’s website

Jenny Smith is a London-based midwife who is a private midwife who offers different services which includes antenatal, postnatal and labour care.

Her main goal was to give an extensive overview of her services, as well as what to expect when using a private midwife, which is where enotions comes in. 

She already had a website birthcontinua.com but she felt it was very old and hard to update. It therefore made sense for us to rebuild in WordPress so she could update more easily whilst giving the site better visibility on search engines.

In the early stages, enotions helped Jenny to envisage the business, including her packages and the need for transparency on what was offered and for how much.

We began working with a basic wireframe to highlight the key areas that she wanted to expand upon, using content from her existing site as well as completely rewritten copy for her new offerings. 

It was noted that mums-to-be and their partners can find the process of childbirth daunting, so it was important that we focused on the UX of the site to ensure a seamless flow from one section to the next.

FAQs were also utilised at the bottom of every page, which allowed users to access the need-to-know information about pricing and the package information straight away.

Jenny was thrilled with the work that we’d done on the new site, and felt that it encapsulated her personality whilst giving a clear and straightforward call to action.

The site will run in conjunction with Birthcontinua until the new site is recognised on search engines and by users.

To see the final product, visit Jenny’s website, or alternatively contact us for more information on the different packages we offer for building or updating your website.  

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