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NSA Ram Sales

When: 2004 -

Why: The old site needed to be updated and have CMS incorporated

What: We designed a CMS site reflecting the quality cues of the NSA

In the autumn of 1976 a meeting of the NSA Wales & Border region was coming to an end when the late Verney Pugh posed the question "Why don't we organise an all breeds ram sale?".

So the idea was born and over 35 years later the NSA Ram Sales are still going, stronger than ever. The NSA Ram Sales is the largest ram sale in Britain and one of the largest in the world.

We've worked with the NSA for nearly 10 years now and were delighted to be given the opportunity to redesign their web site and provide them with content management tools to make updates to the site themselves.

Their old site had served a purpose but was built on old technology, looked old and lacked the ability for them to update themselves. We combined a contemporary but refined new look with our Magnolia CMS back end to enable the NSA to quickly and very easily make updates to the site.

The NSA are a fantastic client. Down to earth, they know what they want, appreciate our expertise and do everything with a great big dollop of fun. We're looking forward to supporting them for the next 10 years!


enotions explained the value of blogs and how they could benefit our sales by driving visitors to our site and how they can improve search engine optimisation. They advised on frequency of postings and the content of the blogs to correspond with the marketing plan.

Karen Cullen, Yardley of Windsor

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