Why did you contact enotions?

It was 2002 and we needed a web site. And back then there were not many web agencies about! We might have owned a site consisting of a couple of pages, very simple and very limited in terms of what it did. But knew we needed something more substantial. We’ve always been forward thinking at the racecourse and knew we had to expand our web presence to rival that of other racecourses in the UK.

What made you decide to choose them?

I think we got in a few agencies to pitch for the site but it was clear, even back then, that enotions were head and shoulders above the others, in terms of what they were thinking and doing.

We loved their creativity and their ambition for the site and we signed them up to produce our first, if you like, proper web site.


When did you know you’d made the right choice?

I think it became apparent quite early on that enotions wanted to create something that would set us apart from other racecourses. For example, they produced a whole family of weather and going icons and updated these ahead of race days to inform users what the conditions would be like at events.

We also had a ticker for news and results, things we take for granted now, but back then it was very ambitious.

The design was sharp and clean and modern, just as it’s been throughout all the years and all the different iterations of site they’ve created for us since.


How have they helped your business?

We’ve worked with enotions for sixteen seasons now and throughout those sixteen years we’ve updated the site design and structure significantly four times, each update a major improvement on the last, in terms of content, functionality and user experience. The last update incorporated a brand new e-commerce shop, which has proved hugely popular with users, due to its ease of use and flexibility. It’s also allowed us to better manage orders and user details, essential for on and offline marketing.

It’s been an incredible journey the racecourse have taken and enotions has been part of it nearly the entire way.


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