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Social media support increases Facebook reach by 127,000% in six weeks, and other astonishing stats

Whether you love it or hate it, social media is a main marketing channel for businesses.

With the ability to post videos, photos, text updates, sell products, ask opinions and engage in longer dialogue with customers, social media is a power house of a platform for you and your business.

Plan your social media carefully

Social media simply cannot be ignored. And when social media can’t be ignored, it’s good social media!

You just need to know how to make sure users will not scroll past.

In order to capitalise on the real benefits of the different platforms, you need to make sure that you recognise;

  • what exactly you are going to use social media for,
  • which channels you are going to engage in,
  • what the tone of voice and message will be across the different channels,
  • whether you are going to go grow your follower base with brand awareness campaigns,
  • whether you are going to go after conversions with direct links to your site, shop or campaign landing page,
  • whether you are going to post solely organic posts, or a mixture of paid and organic,
  • your ultimate goals for the work.

Incredible social media stats

We have recently started working with a retail outlet within Salisbury, helping them to;

  • maximise their presence,
  • increase their brand awareness,
  • and drive visits to the physical shop.

With the combined use of paid and organic posts over both Facebook and Instagram, in less than six weeks, we have already:

  • increased their Facebook reach by 127,000%,
  • increased their Instagram reach by 1,900%,
  • increased their Facebook visits by 13,100%,
  • increased their Instagram profile visits by 418%,
  • increased their Facebook likes by 24,300%,
  • and increased their Instagram followers by 256%.

The figures above, and the graphs below, speak for themselves, as to the reach and the number of conversions social media can achieve when it is applied correctly.

If you want turbo charge your social media presence, speak to us. All our details, as well as a full breakdown of all costs and our different tiers, can be found on our social media page.

(The figures detailed above were achieved with our Media Circus tier.)

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