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Why social media is essential for business

Social media, once the domain of dancing dog videos and proud parents, has become an essential platform for business. In part because of the way in which we start our Internet journey.

In the not too distant past, users would start their search on the internet by opening a web browser, going to Google and doing a search for the thing they were after.

The pandemic changed everything

Since the pandemic, which saw a huge rise in social media users, 44% of every internet journey, according to DataReportal, now starts on social media.

Of the 5 billion users of the internet, 4.6 billion of them are active on social media.

Basically, if your business is not there, it needs to be because it is missing out on a lot of potential customers!

Your site and SEO still matter, but …

We are not saying ignore your web site or ignore SEO. Your site remains central to your internet presence and SEO needs to be there to guide users to you once their social media work is done.

But you need to make sure that your business is fighting, front and centre, on social media for the attention of users looking for your sort of offering.

Then, once they’ve seen what you do, understood the pitch and want to discover a little more, that’s when SEO and your web site come into play.

Social media has matured as a channel. And whilst many of the negative opinions of social media can sometimes be true, for some businesses it’s become their main window to customers and sales platform too.

With the ability to

  • integrate commerce tools into your social media channels,
  • as well as scheduling facilities and highly detailed
  • and clear reporting tools,

social media provides access to the world’s population (4.6 billion of them anyway).

It also provides the ability to manage every aspect of your messaging, your pricing, your product range and what users can expect from you in an instant.

If you are yet to embrace social media, or if your social media presence needs a bit of a pep up, give us a call or drop us an email. We’ll be happy to give you some free advice or get involved in making your social media presence shout.

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