The enotions team

Small, but beautifully assembled

Super powered

We are very proud of the team at enotions. Each one of the team is an expert in their particular field of digital, IT and marketing. And, most importantly, conscientious about their work and doing the very best for our customers.

Between us we offer a full online, creative and business development service, which covers everything from branding to web design and development, digital marketing, social media marketing, copywriting and web hosting.

By employing enotions we help you achieve your business goals; whether they are to grow, cut costs or improve business efficiency.



An expert in digital marketing, design and development, with over 20 years of experience in strategic digital planning, and execution of best-in-class digital campaigns, Rob began his career in 1995 at IBM, working with the likes of Wimbledon Championships, Samsung, Vauxhall and Prudential. Growing tired of the corporate world, in 2002 he started enotions.

He is also the author of three traditionally published novels with Duckworth and RedDoor publishers.



Having started her career in editorial publications, Linnie moved into design, working for IBM and other smaller web agencies. In 2002 she co-founded enotions with Rob, and continues to head up the design department at the agency.

Now working part-time, she divides her time between the office and her successful oil painting and portraiture business.


Systems admin

Before joining enotions, Ian enjoyed an illustrious career at IBM, involved in some of their biggest and most high profile development projects.

Ian provides the technical background to enotions, with a wealth of experience in servers, system administration, coding protocols and standards.



Having worked for multiple agencies around the Bristol and Bath areas for over 10 years, Steve provides bespoke WordPress development, delivered on time and to the highest standards.

He’s passionate about building websites, using modern tools to make code lean, fast and scalable, whilst always working closely with the business owner and/or designer.



Sam has 25 years experience working within the IT and internet industries. Starting in tech support, before moving into web development and design, Sam has a broad wealth of experience that he brings to all projects.

He is also the owner of a sailboat and, when work allows, takes his family on cruises along the beautiful Sardinian coast where he lives.



With over 15 years experience Phil brings a wealth of experience in a wide range of development principles. He is an expert WordPress and Joomla developer, excelling in back end development and an all rounder in anything web. A natural born problem solver fuelled by a love of just making things ‘work’ and fixing broken things.

A family man with a love of film, music and gaming, he enjoys walking his dog in rural Hampshire where he lives.



Mark is a brilliant designer, who brings a wealth of experience to UX and web design. Having worked with some of the biggest brands, including Coca-Cola, Betfair and The National Lottery, Mark is as at home working with small start ups and one man bands, as he is with larger brand names.



Jenny is a degree trained fine artist, who combines her fabulous illustration work, with her print and web skills to offer full-service design. Both an animator and graphic designer, she has worked with music legend Peter Gabriel, Coca-cola and MSN.


Photography / Design

Paul’s experience as a designer and photographer is both broad and long. Having started at IBM as an animator and designer, Paul has worked with countless agencies and for a myriad of different clients and marketplaces.

As well as a great designer, he is an exceptional photographer, bringing panache and skill to all that he captures.


Strategist / SEO

Yasmin has many years of experience in digital marketing for start-ups and SMEs with a particular focus on creative strategy, SEO optimisation, and content writing.

Outside of marketing, Yasmin is a playwright and actor, and spends most of her time watching world cinema and perfecting her northern accent.


Social media

Sandy brings many years of experience managing social media accounts, from instagram posting and strategy to linkedin advertising. In an unlikely beginning, Sandy started his marketing career as a professional windsurfer, using social media to market himself before turning it into a job!

Still very involved in windsurfing, when he’s not on socials, you’ll usually find him in the ocean.


Emailers / Copywriting

Miriam has over 15 years marketing and comms. experience having worked for a range of organisations ranging from large companies such as Experian & UCL down to smaller local businesses like artisan chocolate supplier (yum) and an education resource supplier.

Outside of work you can find her taking part in yoga classes, constructing lego creations with her 4 year old son and researching holiday destinations (Japan and Iceland and Borneo ticked off so far).



Janet is the financial linchpin of enotions. She manages all the outgoings and incomings within the business, makes sure invoices are paid on time and that the figures add up at the end of the month. She’s been with enotions since the very start and is as integral to the business as anyone on the team.

When not crunching figures, she can be found on an English coastline, taking in the views and the fresh salt air.