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Full Service Marketing Case Study

Why did you contact enotions?

I started developing my web site about six months before calling enotions. I didn’t know about enotions back then and had begun it with another agency. Unfortunately the project seemed to have stalled and I was getting frustrated by the lack of progress. I needed a safe pair of hands, someone who could take over the site in development, as it was, and carry it forward to completion as quickly as possible.

What made you decide to choose them?

Rob is a nearish neighbour and I was introduced to him by a joint friend of ours who said he would look after me. We met up and he immediately put me at ease, as to what needed to be done, how it would be done and how quickly we would be able to get the site live.

Rob’s calm, friendly demeanour was real plus point, as well as his enthusiasm. He gave me confidence that we would finish the site and that it would be a success.

When did you know you’d made the right choice?

I think when things went wrong, which I know sounds like a very odd thing to say! We were building on all the old previous technology you see and, because the original build code had contributed so much to the main site, the development site started to play up. However, the enotions’ team calmly and quickly debugged the problems and worked around the clock to get the site to launch.

Whenever subsequent problems were found, enotions cleared them out, or suggested work arounds in order to make sure that they did not affect the running of my site, either in the front or the back end.

How have they helped your business?

Well, they’ve established me online with an amazing and exhaustive web presence, both as a web site and also as a web blog. Every step of the way enotions have been there to advise, guide and encourage. Whenever we’ve experienced problems because of old incompatible code, they found a way to ever remove it, replace it, fix it or detour around it.

They’ve also always been there whenever I’ve had any questions, whether about how to write a blog article or put together the perfect newsletter.

Have the same or similar challenges? Want to experience the same excellent service?