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Award-winning web design in Salisbury

Award-winning Web Design in Salisbury​

enotions is an award-winning web design agency based in Salisbury, specialising in bespoke website design and development.

For over twenty years we’ve been creating wonderful and effective web sites for customers for all budgets and from all industries and markets, as diverse as retail, entertainment, farming, education, estate agents, charities and small business owners.

A full service agency

We’re an established and experienced full service web agency.

This means we’re are able to help with every aspect of your web project, from branding, through to web site planning, copywriting, build, launch and then ongoing marketing support.

We’ve worked with all manner of budgets, from £500 to over £10,000, and beaten challenges faced by our clients time and time again.

We love what we do. We love helping customers and we love to see our clients achieve their ambitions, whatever they might be.

Web sites that work

Our websites are designed to achieve ten key objectives for our customers. Primarily these are to bring clients the results they need from their investment in us and their web site.

All our sites are professionally and conscientiously planned and designed, following our well documented and clear project process.

We can work in a variety of technologies, although our preferred platform is WordPress.

Ambitious, like you

Tell us about the ambitions you have for your web site and we’ll get back to you with practical ideas, free of charge, as to how to achieve them.

You’ll also get a clear price for what we will do to help you and your business to overcome those challenges.

See below for more specific offerings we provide, which include web design and development, mobile responsiveness, search engine optimisation (SEO) and content management.

This full contingency of web offerings means that every aspect of your site is catered for.

Planning web site design


Our design and build phases are collaborative with the client throughout, so you always know where we are with the project and what you are going to get, ensuring full satisfaction, every time.
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Every web site we develop works seamlessly on mobile and tablet, ensuring excellent mobile performance and optimal viewing experiences across all devices.
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We optimise websites for search engines, identifying the best key words and phrases against which to track, whilst working hard to ensure your site always ranks high in the major search engines.
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Copywriting in a coffee shop

Content Management

All our sites are built with ease of updating in mind. Every customer is able to take control of their site and update it if they wish or pay us to do it for them.
Maintaining your site

Our pricing

Entry level

From £​


Ideal for small startups

  • A WordPress site
  • Up to 5 pages​
  • Bespoke design
  • Full population of content
  • Post-launch training in how to update the site yourself


From £


(Our most popular)

Ideal for medium-sized companies

  • A WordPress site
  • Up to 12 pages​
  • Bespoke design
  • Full population of content
  • Post-launch training in how to update the site yourself


From £


Ideal for larger startups and businesses

  • Bespoke design
  • Hand-coded CMS
  • eCommerce / booking facilities
  • Up to 100 pages


From £


Ideal for large established businesses and expansive sites

  • Bespoke design
  • Hand-coded CMS
  • eCommerce / booking facilities
  • Over 100 pages

A tried and tested formula

Our web design process is meticulously followed with every website we design and develop, ensuring that nothing is forgotten, everything is considered, and no aspect of the project is left to chance. Over the past twenty-plus years, our process has evolved, but the fundamental stages remain the same:

  1. Pre-Production: This stage allows us to understand your aims and helps both you and us to see the bigger picture for your business, harnessing the power of the internet.

  2. Production: To ensure we recognise all aspects of user experience, we design and build usable interactive concepts rather than relying solely on flat graphics. This approach clearly demonstrates our proposals.

  3. Testing and Release: Once the site has been designed, built, populated with content, and tested on our end, we release the development site for the customer to test.

This thorough process ensures high-quality, user-friendly websites that meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.

Latest project​

17th July 2024

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Rebrand and redesign of site

Reskin of existing site structure